Amazon CodeWhisperer

Accelerate your coding speed with machine learning-driven code suggestions.

Amazon CodeWhisperer leverages machine learning (ML) to enhance developer efficiency, providing code recommendations generated from their natural language comments and code within the integrated development environment (IDE).

Boost your productivity with Amazon CodeWhisperer, a machine learning (ML)-powered service designed to accelerate coding tasks. This innovative tool generates real-time code suggestions, from snippets to complete functions, in your integrated development environment (IDE) based on your natural language comments and existing code. Additionally, CodeWhisperer supports CLI completions and provides natural-language-to-bash translation in the command line.

Take your development to the next level with Amazon Q, an interactive, generative AI-powered assistant seamlessly integrated into the IDE through CodeWhisperer. Amazon Q offers expert guidance through a simple conversational interface, allowing you to:

  1. Explain your code: Initiate a dialogue with Amazon Q to comprehend your project code through natural conversation.
  2. Transform your code: Quickly upgrade and migrate your application to the latest language version with minimal effort.
  3. Get personalized code suggestions: Request suggestions from Amazon Q for tasks such as adding unit tests, debugging, code optimization, and more.

Code with confidence, as CodeWhisperer can identify and flag code suggestions resembling publicly available code. It provides relevant information, including the associated open-source project’s repository URL and license, facilitating easier review and attribution.

Enhance code security by scanning your code for hard-to-find vulnerabilities. CodeWhisperer offers generative AI-powered suggestions tailored to your application code, enabling you to accept fixes with confidence and prioritize higher-value tasks.

CodeWhisperer seamlessly integrates with your preferred tools and workflows. It supports 15 programming languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript, and integrates with popular IDEs like VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio (preview), AWS Cloud9, the AWS Lambda console, JupyterLab, and Amazon SageMaker Studio. Additionally, it works with favorite CLIs such as macOS Terminal, iTerm2, and the built-in VS Code terminal.

Customize CodeWhisperer to generate more relevant recommendations by making it aware of your internal libraries, APIs, packages, classes, and methods, significantly accelerating development.

During the preview, Amazon conducted a productivity challenge, revealing that Code Whisperer users were 27% more likely to complete tasks successfully and did so 57% faster on average compared to those who did not use Code Whisperer—a giant leap forward in developer productivity.

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